Sweet Little Handmade Gifts for your Love!

Lots of handmade projects and ideas to make your sweetheart swoon!

Embroidery Tutorial for writing love notes

Embroidery Tutorial for writing love notes

Writing in Embroidery

Embroidery Tutorial for creating hand written text on duvets, pillowcases, napkins etc. Also check out Embroidery Tutorial on this page from Sublime Stitching.

Sublime Stitching - Step by Step Transfer Embroidery Pattern

This link takes you to the Sublime Stitching Blog of Jenny Hart. This post will show you what supplies you need and step by step instructions to transfer a pattern onto cloth for embroidery.


Basic Embroidery Tutorial- Sublime Stitching

This link takes you to Sublime Stitching Blog by Jenny Hart for basic embroidery stitching tutorials. Jenny Hart is a well known embroidery artist that has a shop for supplies, books and videos teaching others how to embroider. I've used her methods and I find them easy to follow.


Romantic Traditions

Every year of Valentine's Day my husband and I write each other a love poem. We purchased a handmade blank book, now 21 years ago.